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About Us

At Aeon Botanika, we exist to elevate health, happiness and community. We believe that cannabis is a catalyst for change.

Our Offerings

Aeon Botanika Design Element
  • Holistic Retail Products + Services

    Offered by health goal with both cannabis and herbal medicine solutions, our product selection reflects our sustainability and social equity ethos.

  • Tea and Social Lounge

    Our Moroccan-inspired lounge offers on-site cannabis consumption paired with a curated, artisanal tea and plant-forward menu.

  • Expert Wellness Staff

    Our employees are highly trained in cannabis science and general wellness.

  • A Full-Service Wellness Studio

    Offering bodywork, acupuncture, nutrition consulting, and integrative medicine services.

  • Cannabis + Herbal Remedies

    Aeon Botanika will offer a proprietary line of cannabis and herbal wellness remedies.

  • Plant-Forward Cuisine

    Our farm-to-table kitchen will serve up a delicious selection of beverages and healthy food (POSSIBLY DELAYED DUE TO COVID-19).

Plant-Inspired Wellness Rituals

We believe that nature provides us with everything we need to nourish and heal both our mind and body.

We are out to shift how the world views plant medicine, inspire true self-care, and foster connection with everyone Aeon Botanika touches. Through empathy and expertise, we serve as a trusted guide to those in pursuit of wellness, meeting them wherever they are in their journey.

Cannabis with Conscience

Our sourcing policy leads the way by curating brands in our store that share our values for quality, social equity, and the ethical, sustainable production of cannabis products.

We have an in-depth vetting system that allows us to deliver products that are of the highest and safest quality and that positively impact society.

As business inspired by Conscious Capitalism, we take all our stakeholders into account when making business decisions: customers, employees, the communities we operate in, the environment, and investors.

Ask us any questions around our process – we’re an open book.